What The Bible Doesn’t Say About Bathsheba

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Somethings, it seems, never change. In our culture when a woman is raped, the go-to thoughts tend to be, “What did she do wrong? Was she in a skeevy bar? Did she dress provocatively? Did she lead the guy on?” Even women do this, and I think we do it because, subconsciously, we feel the terror of helplessness. So, we think of all the other things that could possibly have stopped it. There must have been something she could have done differently?! …There must be a way I can assure this will never happen to me. We demonize the woman because if she was bad or dirty and that’s why it happened, we don’t have to worry about it happening to nice, clean us.

This type of thinking has even been trumpeted from the pulpit, where Bathsheba is blamed for her role in David’s great sin. “She shouldn’t have been bathing on…

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I Tried it And…

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Pinterest and the Internet have given us more hacks and neat things to try than we can possibly attempt in our lifetimes. I do like to try though. A lot of things flop, but somethings turn out to be even better than I imagined. Coconut oil and baking soda is one of those things.

I saw the idea originally toted as a facial scrub. I have very dry and VERY picky skin all over, but in the winter, even washing my face with water will give me dandruff of the face. So, an oil wash sounded like it might be helpful. Added bonus: coconut oil has both antibacterial (see this skin study) and anti-fungal (or this specimen study) properties, and as pimples are caused by a bacteria feast blocking up a pore, I thought it could help with that too.

The instructions were equal parts oil and…

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Swings and Swag

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I had a startling discovery this past week involving my geek swag (the word swag has a ton of different meanings and usages, so to avoid confusion, my geek swag is any type of clothing or ornamentation that proudly proclaims my brands of geek).
grootI am SWAG

I have all manner of swag: Star Trek shirts, Jane Austen action figures, Triforce cups, buttons and the like. My jewelry swag ranges from garnet lady-bugs and silver double helixes to crushed bottle caps and resined spiders (don’t hate). My favorite things, though, are trees. I think they are beautiful and calming. I have shirts, pictures, necklaces, earrings, and rings that are tree themed. I’d go all Pinterest and live in a house that looked like it had a trees growing through it if given the opportunity. Alas for the opportunity.

Why, yes, that is a brown recluse resined into a watch.


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Elephants, and Donkeys, and Debates! Oh My!

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There is a debate on tonight, and I’m watching it. It’s not the debate for the party I support… but that’s only because I don’t support a party. I’m an enlightened Independent, and so much better than all you decisive R’s and D’s (sarcasm font. I agree and disagree with both sides on different issues. In a mostly two party system, I’m an Independent, but if we had more strong parties, I might be a something else).

Nothing like a good ole “Us vs. Them” to get people riled up.

I’m watching because I feel it’s important to be informed; however, I often come away saddened by the spectacle that these events can devolve into. It seems that the people are still anxious for bread and circuses. Nothing like a good ole “Us vs. Them” to get people riled up.

That’s why I wanted to write, and specifically, to write to…

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Love My Kids, But I am Not a Kid Person

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“Hi. My name is Jenna. I am a mommy, and I am not a kid person.”

You don’t have to be a “kid person” to have and enjoy children (yes, it is different when you have your own), but it does have some challenges- like thinking you’ll suddenly change into a person who likes kids. Allow me to illustrate:

Yes, it is different when they are your own.

When I tried to help out in the church preschool, a little boy fell and was crying, and I had zero maternal instinct. Oh sure, I rush to my own kids and cuddle them while applying Kiss Placebo Magic, but this was some squawking alien creature with copious mucous secretions. The creature garnered staccato pats on the back and a bewildered look. Then and there I realized that I wasn’t cut out for preschool duty, but I hadn’t learned my lesson. Marker AsherThis is the terrifying…

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Ten Tips and Tricks for Gardening

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Spring in Tennessee is a beautiful three month affair and easily my favorite season. Regardless of where you live, these tips and tricks should help you shake off old man Winter and get your green thumb on (I’m from Ohio, originally, and ending with prepositions is our thing. Don’t hate).

1. Got Aphids? These little buggers are the bane of every rosebush. I was torn between spraying pesticides that would kill the aphids’ natural predators (like lady bugs) and saving my roses, when I stumbled upon this excellent trick. Put your water hose on a higher setting and spray away at the affected areas. While adult aphids can fly, the babies can’t. Doing this once a day for two weeks cleared my bushes for the summer and left the lady bugs to pick off stragglers!

White Rose

2. In case you haven’t heard, coffee grinds and eggshells are in! While there is debate…

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