I Tried it And…

Thought train Wrecks

Pinterest and the Internet have given us more hacks and neat things to try than we can possibly attempt in our lifetimes. I do like to try though. A lot of things flop, but somethings turn out to be even better than I imagined. Coconut oil and baking soda is one of those things.

I saw the idea originally toted as a facial scrub. I have very dry and VERY picky skin all over, but in the winter, even washing my face with water will give me dandruff of the face. So, an oil wash sounded like it might be helpful. Added bonus: coconut oil has both antibacterial (see this skin study) and anti-fungal (or this specimen study) properties, and as pimples are caused by a bacteria feast blocking up a pore, I thought it could help with that too.

The instructions were equal parts oil and…

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