Love My Kids, But I am Not a Kid Person

Thought train Wrecks

“Hi. My name is Jenna. I am a mommy, and I am not a kid person.”

You don’t have to be a “kid person” to have and enjoy children (yes, it is different when you have your own), but it does have some challenges- like thinking you’ll suddenly change into a person who likes kids. Allow me to illustrate:

Yes, it is different when they are your own.

When I tried to help out in the church preschool, a little boy fell and was crying, and I had zero maternal instinct. Oh sure, I rush to my own kids and cuddle them while applying Kiss Placebo Magic, but this was some squawking alien creature with copious mucous secretions. The creature garnered staccato pats on the back and a bewildered look. Then and there I realized that I wasn’t cut out for preschool duty, but I hadn’t learned my lesson. Marker AsherThis is the terrifying…

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