Swings and Swag

Thought train Wrecks

I had a startling discovery this past week involving my geek swag (the word swag has a ton of different meanings and usages, so to avoid confusion, my geek swag is any type of clothing or ornamentation that proudly proclaims my brands of geek).
grootI am SWAG

I have all manner of swag: Star Trek shirts, Jane Austen action figures, Triforce cups, buttons and the like. My jewelry swag ranges from garnet lady-bugs and silver double helixes to crushed bottle caps and resined spiders (don’t hate). My favorite things, though, are trees. I think they are beautiful and calming. I have shirts, pictures, necklaces, earrings, and rings that are tree themed. I’d go all Pinterest and live in a house that looked like it had a trees growing through it if given the opportunity. Alas for the opportunity.

Why, yes, that is a brown recluse resined into a watch.


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