Three Words

Thought train Wrecks

Three words. That is the entirety of the most romantic thing that my husband, Jonathan, has ever said to me, and they are probably not the three words you are thinking of (“of which you are thinking”, for the grammar police…I know, and I don’t care).

I had been having a rough time emotionally, but I knew that Jonathan’s job was very stressful at the moment, so I hid it from him didn’t tell him. I had been struggling maybe a week, when I came home to candle light, dinner on the table, and a flowering plant. Naturally, I burst into tears. Later that night, as my husband slow danced with me (he hates dancing, by the way), I asked him how he knew when I had tried so hard to keep it from him. Then he said three words, three words that went deeper than anything he had ever…

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In the Name of Jesus

Thought train Wrecks

I had a moment that changed the way I pray. In the circles that I grew up in, every prayer was ended in a magical phrase. Jesus had told his disciples in John 14 that whatever they asked for in his name would be given to them. So, every prayer was closed, “in Jesus name. Amen”. Even after coming to a more theological understanding of what the phrase meant as an adult, I still ended my prayers with the familiar sign off. It took explaining it to seven year old for the meaning to fully impact me.

As I searched for a way to help him understand, I thought of the perfect analogy.
“You know how when you tell Jak to let you in the bathroom, he doesn’t do it; however, when you tell him that mom said he has to let you in, he opens the door right up…

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