The God of Abraham…

Thought train Wrecks

In the Bible, people would often refer to God as the God of *insert name of cool Bible person here*. For me it was akin to saying, “you know, the God of Elijah, and not that fish-looking statue thing.”

Then, I went through a dark time. I could’t stop crying. Life seemed overwhelming, and it felt like things were going to stay that way. As I was praying, I thought of my friend, Hannah. She has been through more dark times than anyone I know personally, and it almost killed her. I was privileged to walk with her for some of those times and to see God bring her through them.

God brought Hannah through.

So, I called out to the God of Hannah. I reminded myself of the deep darkness he brought her through, of his faithfulness in an endless situation filled with suffering, and I asked him to…

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