Thought train Wrecks

My mentor likes to talk about the four-year-old window. She says it is a time when children are receptive to the Spirit without questioning. She has stories of four-year-olds that are astounding, and indeed, both of my children at four had strange and inexplicable experiences. She says that I never grew out of my four-year-old window.

I call the trait Openness, which works well with the window imagery. It also gets across something that is essential to understand: Openness, is a window that both sides can use. It is not something to seek or mess around with. Both sides? Oh, yes, there are two sides. I did not grow up in church, and so the first time I saw a demon, I didn’t tell anyone for three days because I was so afraid that no one would believe me. My mom did believe me, which was great, but it didn’t…

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