Skeptical Mystic

Thought train Wrecks

I’ve been meaning to make this post for two years.

I’ve been avoiding making this post for two years.

There is a reason I started this blog, but I realize that once something is on the internet, it is eternal. I started this blog at the encouragement from my mentor and pastor’s wife (a Dr. in theology and general awesomeness) because I couldn’t find any Christians online who were talking about this. Now I know why. I’ve side-stepped this blog post again and again, but then I ran into someone experiencing what I did. She was unsure what to do or who to talk with about it.

Even now, it’s hard to talk about. You have to have at least a little background on me. I have loved science my entire life. I am logical and skeptical. For instance, my pastor (also a Dr. in theology) would say that the…

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