The Pig

So Annie was outside barking her head off and I went out to get her. And what do I see.

A pig.img_4163

I went over and took a pic and thought this is great I have my phone I will take a video of it. So I say to the pig, Oh look at you, you’re so cute. At that the pig proceeds to come under my fence. ( Which i didn’t even know was a possibility)

Here She comes

The pig is snorting and butting its snout against my leg. Weaving in and out of my legs, and the whole time the pig is circling around me Annie was circling around the pig (still barking) I couldn’t hardly walk, I couldn’t grab Annie and it was all hilarious. ( So happy I was filming this)

I call Doug out for help getting Annie, so I could then get the pig out of the yard. It takes him a bit LOL but he finally gets Annie, and then the pig is all over him and he can’t get in the house. Of course I laugh, and he says quit filming and get the pig. No, no I  have to get this. So I go and stand over the pig and the pig is now interested in me again. Doug gets Annie in the house, and I get the pig out of the yard. Anxious to see the video, I come straight in and airplay on the TV.

1 sec. oh no, When I started recording is when the pig came in the fence and startled me. I hit the stop button!!!

*sigh so this is all I have to share

And there she goes


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