What If He Dies

I deal with catastrophic thinking as well and its impossible to talk myself out of it. This is so helpful

Thought train Wrecks

When you think of OCD, what do you think of? I would wager that most people think of someone obsessively cleaning their house, washing their hands, or flipping switches. If you are familiar with OCD, catastrophic thinking may have come to mind. Catastrophic thinking is just what it sounds like, thinking of the absolute worst case scenario. It is often the root of why a person with OCD keeps washing their hands…because what if they touched something with a virus, and then they get sick and have to miss work, and then they might get fired! It may sound silly, but I’m willing to bet that most people do that to some degree.

Catastrophic thinking is thinking of the absolute worst case scenario.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and catastrophic thinking since I was little. I remember occasions where my mom would be only a few minutes late, and I would be in…

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